Custom Juno 100 — In-Stock


Dual channel, 100W or 50W, configurable gain & response guitar amplifier.

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Ready to Ship!

This Juno 100 is in-stock and ready to ship! The head shell is covered in gray digital camo tolex, the field panel is black carbon fiber, and the logo is our standard anodized black aluminum. The amp chassis has black anodized faceplates and black plastic knobs. Note — this amp is loaded with TAD 6L6GCs — we are awaiting Tube Amp Doctor to restock before we will have more EL34s. The amp sounds absolutely killer regardless, so don’t let this sway you! If you’d prefer EL34s, let us know.


Overview and Features


The Juno™ amplifier is our first amp designed specifically around EL34s. It is a British inspired 3-channel modern hot-rod capable of a huge array of tones from clean, to ultra-tight percussive rhythms, to smooth thick leads.

Channel Descriptions

Each of the three channels has a Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Level control, and Bright switch. The dirty channels have a 3-position gain mode switch and Feel knob for fine-tuning the overdrive tones and low-end / mid-range response.

Clean Channel

This channel produces a wonderfully warm tone that aims to be the best of any channel switching amplifier. Where most other high gains amps seem to include a clean channel out of necessity rather than desire, the Juno™ has a no-compromises clean channel with its own dedicated preamp tube voiced specifically for huge headroom and sparkling cleans. With the included Gain control on the clean channel, one can also dial in a very cool vintage style distortion.

Dirty Channels

The dual Juno™ gain channels are essentially identical and can be setup the same, or completely different. The Crunch and Lead overdrive is based on the signature high-gain sounds of the Orthos™, but modified in a way reminiscent of the classic 80s hot-rodded amps. A 3-way gain mode switch provides Crunch, Lead, and Clip modes for three very different types of distortion.

Master Section

The Juno™ features the same proven transparent and wonderfully performing effects loop as our other amps. The loop circuit is true-bypassable via the front panel Loop assignment switches, as well as a rear panel 1/4″ contact closure jack. In addition, the loop has independent Send and Return Level controls for maximum flexibility.

The master section also includes power amp response controls, Top and Bottom. The Top control affects the response of the power section to treble frequencies, whereas the Bottom control affects the bass frequencies. These controls are great for dialing in the amp’s response to different speaker cabinets. They also allow the player to optimize the amp for different master levels. It’s especially useful for adding awesome bottom-end and clarity at low volumes.

The power section consists of a quad of TAD EL34 tubes, standard. However, just about any octal power tube can be installed — 6L6GC, KT88, KT77, etc. Each tube is individually fused in order to protect the amplifier in the event of a tube failure. A Fault LED lights to indicate a fuse has blown and the tube is no longer functioning. One can also remove a pair of tubes as an easy way to run the amp at half-power.

A custom wound USA made output transformer with a lower primary impedance turns this amp into an angry beast, and is one of the highlights of this amplifier. Parallel speaker outputs allow one to easily drive two cabinets with a total impedance of 4/8/16 ohms.

Another one of the unique features of this amplifier is its universal power input. This allows easy use by any player around the world and eliminates the need for power converters or transformer swaps for shipment to any international country.

Options and Accessories

Field Panel

Either a lit acrylic, metal lit, or standard solid logo is available on the face plate of the amplifier. The lit logos are capable of displaying any color for a number of different amp settings. This is all programmable via a DIP switch system on the back of the amp.

Foot Switch

A custom 2-button foot switch is included. Further, the amp is compatible with any standard 2-button 1/4″ TRS foot switch.

Note: Once a jack is plugged into one of the rear panel control functions, the respective function is defeated and the plug takes priority. This means if the foot switch is plugged in, the front panel Channel controls will no longer function.

Weight: 48 lb.
Dimensions: 26.75in. × 11in. × 9.5in.

Additional information

Weight 56 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 15 × 16 in

50W, 100W



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