Audio modifying pedals, such as our brand-new floor preamp.

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  • Hera – Transparent Boost+EQ


    Overview It’s still not your typical boost. Where the Eros was designed for playing drop-tuned extended range guitar into the muddiest of amps, the Hera is completely different. It’s designed to push any amp with more typical standard tunings. It’s much more transparent and the low-end is full, yet clear. It will boost clean without…

  • EX5 – MIDI Control Interface


    Get Yours Now In-stock and shipping! Overview Meet the EX5, the first in our new Utility Series line of products! You may have noticed that little 1/8″ jack on our pedals labels “Ext. Control Interface”. This was added to allow for control of our pedals via an external means, such as a switcher, or what…

  • Vesta - Back

    Vesta – 3ch Preamp Pedal


    Demos Description The Vesta™ contains a brand new set of voices along with a familiar feature set. Based on a couple of your favorite amps of the 80s and 90s, you’ll feel right at home. Picture a classic Crunch tone suitable for rock and blues, along with a familiar 90s high-gain sound. If modern extended…

  • Eros – Modern Boost+EQ


    Demos Power Supply NOTE — Power Supply Not Included! Here’s a compatible (9V, center negative, 500 mA) power supply for all our pedals: KSR Pedal Power Supply Overview It’s not your typical boost. It will boost clean without overdrive, add a little grit, or add distortion. It has a 3-band active EQ for precision sculpting….

  • Ceres – 3ch Preamp Pedal


    Production Update Standard Black Sparkle Ceres™ high-gain guitar preamp pedals are in stock. We have several colors and fades in stock as well. Inquire for stock status, or order and we’ll ship ASAP. User Manual Ceres™ User Manual PDF Power Supply NOTE — Power Supply Not Included! Here’s a compatible (9V, center negative, 500 mA)…