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Mesa Boogie® Amp Mods


As of now we’re only offering ‘vintage’ Single/Dual/Triple Rectifier® mods for the two/three channel models, as well as Road King® and Stiletto® models through this easy-pay system. We will work on the newer multi-watt, and other model amps as well, but please Contact Us so we can discuss.



The main mod significantly alters (and in our opinion, improves) the preamp circuit. You’ll immediately notice increased note definition, clarity, tightness, and articulation. We de-fizz the sound, re-voice the gain channels, and improve the sweep and usability of the controls. Finding the “sweet spot” will be much less of a thing after this mod.

We also add a Depth / Bottom control to allow for sculpting of the low-end response. Note: This is only usable in the Vintage modes. Furthermore, we repurpose the rear panel Slave Out Level control for this purpose. If you’d like to retain the original use of this control, we will have to drill for an additional pot.

Anything else you’d like done? Just ask…

Shipping Overview

While you’re welcome to drop-off and pick-up at our Cincinnati facility, you may also ship your amp. Please PACK IT WELL. This will ensure less chance of damage in transit, and less time we’ll have to spend re-packing it better. If we must use new packaging we’ll add a reasonable surcharge for handling and materials. We’ll invoice shipping back to you, along with the mod services.


Please do not ship an amp yet until you’ve paid the deposit and/or paid in full. This way we can keep track of what amps to expect at our dock.

Shipping Instructions

Include with your amp a piece of paper with the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Return Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Desired Mods
  • Any known issues with the amp? (we will also perform repairs at a reasonable cost)

Shipping Address

KSR Amps
Attn: Mod Department
2520 Atco Ave
Middletown, OH 45042
513.480.AMPS (2677)
mods (at) ksramps (dot) com

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2 reviews for MESA/Boogie® Mod

  1. Paul Stein (verified owner)

    Actual mod and information related was great. Only issue was the 5 month wait, but quality was worth the wait.

  2. Alex Thibeault (verified owner)

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