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The Team

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KSR Amps / Rhodes Amplification, LLC began as an idea born from the desire to design and build the finest and best guitar amplifiers possible. Fast-forward to today and, in addition, we make killer pedals, custom cables, and indestructible speaker cabinets — and we help over 10 other brands do it as well. Our 18K sqft Ohio based facility is loaded with a passionate and talented team of engineers, technicians, and production specialists, all ready to make it happen.

Founder’s Background

Earlier in Kyle’s life he worked with some truly inspiring companies/groups such as Urschel Laboratories, Task Force Tips, New York Blower, Purdue Robot Vision Laboratory, Idea Hamster, gh, and See Write Hear. Through experiences being immersed in USA manufacturing, robotics, software, hardware, and business, Kyle’s ultimate goal was to start and grow a company that could make anything, do it exceptionally, and “do it all under one roof” — Made In USA.

“Personal inspiration came from several sources over the years, but some that come to mind are my brother Matt for teaching me how to play guitar and showing me what’s possible with illustration, design, and Star Wars. Jason Walther for taking me under his wing early in my life, thus enabling a huge jump-start into digital electronics and programming while barely 10 years of age. (I’m not sure where I’d be if I hadn’t met him one random evening at Radio Shack in 1990.) John Musall for my first oscilloscope, my favorite workbench, and the antagonization to do my best and most with my time. My father for teaching me everything he knew about woodworking, mechanics, cars, work ethic, women, and boating. My mom for somehow holding it all together while maintaining the most organized and spotless house I’ve ever known, and everyone ever knew who visited “the museum.” Finally, my grandfather Ed Rhodes — the first entrepreneur I knew and whom I aspire to be. Rhodes Welding Works’ slogan was “We Know How” — and to this day I perpetually work to Know How.”

“We take pride in our work — and this is why our products bare my initials. You can always count on supreme quality and attention to detail. Of course, quality only gets you so far with something as subjective as electric guitar, however our sound always speaks for itself.” -Kyle Rhodes

Company History

Established in 2009 in Lafayette, Indiana and since relocated to the Cincinnati area, KSR Amps / Rhodes Amplification, LLC started as a local custom amplifier and gadget builder. After a few amps we began designing and building custom switchers and floor controllers to help guitar players automate their rigs. While these units didn’t take off as planned, our amplifier business boomed. We were soon after recognized as one of the major players in the high-end guitar amplifier market. Since then we’ve launched several more products — full-size guitar amp heads, lunchbox heads, pedals, software IRs, and cabs. Through our continuous research and development we’re redefining the sounds and features thought possible on modern guitar amplifiers, pedals, and related products. We look forward to continuing to push the envelope for many years to come!