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The Team

KSR has not only built amazing products over the years, but also an incredible team. Consisting of engineers, skilled amp technicians, skilled machine operators, fabricators, and powder coat specialists this team is geared up to efficiently design and build professional products from the ground up.
We take pride in our work — and that is why all our products bare my initials. You can count on supreme quality and attention to detail regardless of what it is you acquire from us. Of course, quality only gets you so far with something as subjective as audio production, and our sound speaks for itself.

Company History

Previously based in central Indiana, but recently relocated to the Cincinnati area, KSR Amplification started in 2009 as a local custom amplifier and gadget builder. After a few amps we began designing and building custom switchers and floor controllers. With our first standard products officially launched back in 2011, we stepped up to be one of the major players in the high-end guitar amplifier market. Since then we’ve launched the ColossusArtemisGeminiOrthosAres, and Juno, redefining the sounds and features most thought possible on modern guitar amplifiers.




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