Modifications to ours and other brands of amplifiers / pedals.

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  • Other Amps


    Mods for Other Amps Note Please Contact Us with the model of any other amp you’d like modded, along with what you’re looking to achieve, and we’ll send a quote. As we mod more amps we’ll add dedicated pages and pricing for the most popular models / mods. Only decent-to-high quality vacuum tube amps for…

  • MESA/Boogie® Mod


    Mesa Boogie® Amp Mods Note As of now we’re only offering ‘vintage’ Single/Dual/Triple Rectifier mods for the two/three channel models through this easy-pay system. We will work on the newer multi-watt, and other model amps as well, but please Contact Us so we can discuss. Demo Overview The main mod significantly alters (and in our…