Modifications to ours and other brands of amplifiers / pedals.

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  • Peavey® 5150/6505 Mod


    Peavey® 5150/6505 Amp Mods Demo Overview The gist of this mod is all about removing flubb while enhancing tightness and attack. The amp is much more versatile with this mod, no pedals needed — plug straight in and get lost in the noodling that will ensue. We also reduce the overall amp hiss considerably Anything…

  • Other Amps


    Mods for Other Amps Note Please Contact Us with the model of any other amp you’d like modded, along with what you’re looking to achieve, and we’ll send a quote. As we mod more amps we’ll add dedicated pages and pricing for the most popular models / mods. Only decent-to-high quality vacuum tube amps for…

  • MESA/Boogie® Mod


    Mesa Boogie® Amp Mods Note As of now we’re only offering ‘vintage’ Single/Dual/Triple Rectifier® mods for the two/three channel models, as well as Road King® and Stiletto® models through this easy-pay system. We will work on the newer multi-watt, and other model amps as well, but please Contact Us so we can discuss. Demo Overview…